A belated post about Kirby’s birthday BarkBox

As most of you know, our dear pup turned one last month. The first year flew by so fast!

I had planned to make Kirby some sort of dog cake to celebrate, but never got around to it (I know… I’m such a bad dog mom).  Luckily, Chase was on top of his dog dad game and arranged for a very special present to be sent to our Sacramento home.


(Kirby’s) got mail!

A few weeks into April, I arrived home to find a BarkBox at our doorstep. The company puts together a package of toys and treats for your pup, customized based on the size, which you can schedule for a one-time or monthly delivery. (You can learn more about the company and see pricing here.)

The birthday BarkBox was a big hit with Kirby. His goodies includes treats from Little Eatz and Feel Good Treats, an organic stuffed toy from Sprocket Pet Goods,  some no-brush tooth gel from a company called Tropiclean and a chew produced by Acadia Antlers.

The goods

The goods


The several bags of treats included were gobbled up at an impressive speed (except for the antler chew, which quickly became Kirby’s favorite bone/toy to chomp on and bat around the wood floors). A stuffed penguin went the way of most of Kirby’s toys besides his beloved bear, but was greatly enjoyed. We haven’t tried the breath gel yet, but it seems more manageable than daily brushing, a la the Calvin (dog) household’s current routine.

While it’s definitely convenient (especially for the working set!), monthly delivery of treats and toys might be a little much for our needs (we like to go cheap and DIY when we can to save cash). Still, the BarkBox was a fun treat for a special occasion, so I’d definitely queue one up again when we have something to celebrate.

Have you ever tried delivery toy or treat services like BarkBox? Share your thoughts in the commets section!


Mmmm birthday treats!

Mmmm birthday treats!


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